Silent Wings Band

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meet the band members - Sven

Sven profile picture

Name: Sven

Hometown: Oer-Erkenschwick, Germany

Birthday: July 11th, 1975

Instrument: Keys, Drums, Guitar, Bass, Mixing & Production

Musical Background: My first contact with music began at the age of 11 by learning the classical organ. As a kid I took part in several nation-wide competitions. Later, at the age of 17 I became interested in playing another instrument. That was the year I began to play the drums. In the past 18 years I have played in several bands. Also I played some years in the Musicschool-Orchestra in Bochum. Since 2005 I've been teaching drums at the Yamaha-Musicschool in my hometown. Two years later I started to play the guitar. At the beginning of 2011 my long-standing musical friend Lars and I formed a new symphonic metal band, and that was the hour of birth of SILENT WINGS.

Bands I play in or have played in: Face to face, Grizzly Adams, Dr.Coffee, Eden, The Bottlenecks

Favorite Music: Symphonic Metal, Powermetal, AOR, Melodicrock, Orchestral Soundtracks

Influences: Magnus Karlsson (Last Tribe), Vince di Cola, Anders Wikström (Treat), Pagans Mind, Kamelot, After Forever, Talisman and many more

Things I love to love: making music, being with my family

Things I love to hate: disharmony

Books: Die Welle, Der Vorleser, Mogadischu

Movies: Braveheart, Dances with Wolves, Lord of the Rings

Gear: keys – Korg 01w, Roland Fantom
guitars – Collins Roadmaster, Yamaha FG-402MS, ESP b-10 bass
drums - Yamaha Club custom, Roland TD-10 e-drums
studio – MacPro(Leopard), Yamaha 01x digital mixer, Cubase 4, several Sampler(East West, IK ect.),
Mic AKG C4000B, Line6 Pod X3, Preamp SPL Goldmike, Behringer Composer Pro-XL